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Make Money Online with Google: Top 5 Ways

Make Money Online

Google has grown into a multi-billion dollar company with its vast toolbox and assets. You can generate money using some of the tools they have developed.

Even if you’re not going to make billions, you can make enough money to make Google’s side business worthwhile. It will take a lot of effort, but if you put in the effort, you should be able to earn a decent amount of money.

Here’s how to make money online with Google:

1. Adsense

If you’ve ever thought about how to monetize a website, Google’s Adsense is almost certain to have popped up.

Google Adsense is a cost-per-click (CPC) advertising network. You can use Google Adsense codes on your blog or website if you have one. You receive a different amount of money for each click when people click on the ads.

2. AdWords

Google Adwords is similar to Google Adsense, however, it is designed specifically for businesses. You won’t make money directly from Google Adwords, but it can help increase pageviews if you use it correctly.

More visitors equals more revenue, so this is a great approach to employ.

The main advantage of Adwords is to show your ads to people who are already looking for your product, service or website but don’t know about it.

You will be better able to attract your target audience to your website if you use Google Adwords.

3. Create and sell apps on Google Play

Do you have a fantastic app idea? Then you should publish it on Google Play and profit from it. There are several ways to earn money with a Google Play Store app.

First of all, you can generate money by selling the app you created. Simply create a Google Wallet merchant account.

Then make the app a paid app and see how much money you can earn with each download.

Second, you don’t have to go through too many extra steps to include Google Ads in your app. As the number of users on your site grows, so does your revenue!

4. Google Opinion Rewards

Do you enjoy expressing your thoughts openly to others? You might as well be paid for your views.

Google would like to compensate you for your contributions. You can earn free Google Play credits by simply submitting your review to Google through Google Opinion Rewards.

You can get the app from the Google Play Store and use it to conduct surveys in your spare time. When a survey is available to you, you will be notified. For your contribution, most surveys will pay you up to a dollar.

Survey topics change frequently, so you’ll never get bored of what you’re answering questions about. Even if the amount of money you earn is small, it’s always nice to have some extra cash in your spare time to spend on things like movies and games.

5. Make money online from Youtube

If you have a huge following on YouTube, you can use Google to monetize that traffic. The easiest technique is to use Google Adsense, but there are several methods to profit from YouTube and Google videos.

The more people who see your video, the more money you will earn. Start building an audience now if you don’t already have one!

Make Money Online